Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bern University and the Grosse Schanze

This is the University of Berne's baroque main building, housing the law faculty and the university's executive administration and overlooking the Grosse Schanze park, a medieval look-out station and one of Berne's highest points. The bus and train stations are situated underneath this park, and are accessible by the concrete-box lift shaft, which can be seen in the photo below:


Grosse Schanze affords excellent views across the rooftops of Berne to the Parliament and the Alps.

On the far side of the uni building, Grosse Schanze offers another excellent southern view across Berne's rooftops, this time to the Münster and again the Alps.

Einsteinterrasse: Apparently Einstein did the groundwork for his Theory of Relativity at the uni here, so the terrace on Grosse Schanze in front of the uni's Exact Sciences faculty building is named in his honour.


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