Thursday, February 23, 2006

Unitobler Hof

One of my favourite places in Bern, the Unitobler Hof is a little square hidden away from the main streets, featuring a smooth paved area with stone tables, cool sculptures and on the side, a small enclosed gravel park where old guys play boules in the summer.

Unitobler is the yellow brick building in the photos above, and is so-called because the University of Bern converted the former Toblerone factory building into its Arts & Social Sciences library. There's still a cool Toblerone exhibition in the basement of the library.

For another perspective, the uni has a rooftop webcam with views over the Hof.


Anne said...

I wonder what WOMD means?

Mercy Now said...

Hey, cool pics. I found your blog via ParisDailyPhoto.