Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday on Kramgasse

A typical Friday afternoon at the quieter end of Bern's main thoroughfare.

At some point in history someone famous (perhaps Goethe?) called this street the most beautiful in the world. Well, at that time the world was a much smaller place than it is today, but there's no denying that there's nowhere else quite like it, and it is very cool in its own medieval way. Walking under the arches is almost like being in a time machine. A very unique and atmospheric street.

Here's a favourite photo of the same stretch on a very cold and quiet day.


Annie said...

Thanks for the chance to cyberwalk down the street.

No. 78 said...

Love the architecture.

Kala said...

looks like a lot of pssibilities to explore - such long buildings

PDPB said...

I remember Bern - a nice town indeed. This reminds me of wandering around there looking for a cafe ;)