Monday, August 07, 2006

Gurten Festival / T-Shirt

The Gurten is what the Swiss call Bern's "Haus-berg", meaning Bern's "home mountain".

It's a mound at the back side of the city and every summer for the last thirty years or so, the Gurten has hosted the Gurten Festival, an imaginatively named music festival. It's a mix of big acts and local heroes, and is small and friendly rather than huge and muddy, which many of the festivals back home seem to be. We had great weather this year and I saw Manu Chao and Mousse T headline the fourth and last night. Awesome. Reamonn are playing in the photo above, a German group with an Irish frontman (they sounded like U2). More on

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I am from Indiana in the United States. My maiden name was Gurtner and I understand that my people are named after the Gurten Mountain. Any info provided to me would be very much appreciated.

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