Thursday, February 01, 2007

City centre milk urns

These milk containers are embedded in the concrete in front of the main station. I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean...

Bern blogger This said, in a comment to this post, that it's an art installation by Ueli Berger called "Hommage to Milk Lane". The canisters embedded in the asphalt mark the location of a small street called Milchgässli. Milk Lane was done away with when the railway station was upgraded. And according to a German-language newspaper article, it was the place where people were picked up and dropped off. Thanks, This, interesting explanation - I thought it was just random.


This said...

Das Werk stammt von Ueli Berger und heisst "Hommage an das Milchgässli". Dort, wo die Milchkannen im Asphalt versinken, verlief vor dem Umbau des Bahnhofs das "Milchgässli". Nach der kommenden Umgestaltung des Bahnhofsplatzes sollen die Kannen ein neues Plätzchen erhalten (siehe auch hier.)

eva said...


Eva said...

Erg leuk bedacht!

Margaret Powell said...

Hiya Michael
Great to find your blog -- and one of my favourite works of art by one of my favourite artists.
Did you know that there will be an exhibition of Ueli Berger's drawings and prints at the Kunstmuseum Bern soon? Might be worth a visit -- and a comment :)
Ciao from fellow blogger, Margaret